June 10, 2020

Accommodation Stockholm

KMH does not own any student dormitories and usually does not organize accommodation for students. A special exception is made for exchange students from higher music education institutions with which KMH has a signed co-operation agreement.
Unfortunately, due to the high demand and shortage of accommodation in Stockholm, we cannot guarantee accommodation for every exchange student. As it is very hard to find accommodation in Stockholm, we advise students to start looking as soon as possible.
The Student Affairs Office at KMH manages a limited number of rooms in Stockholm. Please contact the Student Affairs Office via email: international@kmh.se

Other opportunities:
Contact Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (the Stockholm Student Homes Foundation, SSSB) on +46 458 10 10 or visit their website.

For further information on accommodation in Stockholm, please consult the following websites: