November 22, 2017



You may apply to the CoPeCo programme as a

  • composer
  • performer
  • composer/performer

Applicants with at least a Bachelors degree in music or equivalent or in the final year of their undergraduate studies are eligible for the programme. In the latter case you may receive a conditional offer and enrol after providing evidence of your Bachelors degree.

You will be able to apply to only one of the four institutions in the consortium. Please submit your application and supporting documents to EAMT (Tallinn), KMH (Stockholm), CNSMD (Lyon) or HfMT (Hamburg), paying special attention as institutional application requirements differ from institution to institution.

The application procedure is in two stages.

Application and Evaluation of Supporting Material

Regardless of the institution you apply to, you will need to provide the following documents in English and upload them to the joint platform of the programme!

1) Proposal for the Masters Degree Project (Independent Project). The MDP (IP) proposal is the most important element of your application, and should relate to at least some of the key features of the CoPeCo programme: collaborative work, cross-disciplinary interaction, new technologies, improvisation and arts management

2) Portfolio

  • For composers
    Please submit a portfolio of your scores and/or recordings (where scores are not applicable) containing at least three contrasting original compositions, with a total duration of at least 15 minutes. If you send additional texts to accompany the scores (for example an introduction or performance notes) please provide an English translation.
  • For performers
    Please submit a portfolio of your recordings containing at least two contrasting performance excerpts with a total duration of at least 15 minutes.
  • For composers/performers
    Please submit a portfolio containing at least one original composition, a recording of at least one performance excerpt and another work of your choice with a total duration of at least 15 minutes. If you send additional texts to accompany the scores (for example an introduction or performance notes) please provide an English translation.

NB! Printed scores must be sent in a binder. Accepted file formats for electronic submissions: PDF, mp3, mp4. Accepted media formats: CD, DVD, USB stick. Please always check local regulations as some institutions may require that you upload all your material online.

3) Signed confirmation letter confirming your authorship of the compositions and/or performance on the recordings submitted in the portfolio.
NB! Specific template file to be found here for applicants wishing to apply through CNSMDL

4) Motivation letter outlining your aims and goals for the CoPeCo programme.

5) CV with a photo and details of your artistic and professional experience.

A panel of experts at your chosen institution will evaluate your proposal and portfolio and, if your application is successful, will invite you to attend an audition, the second and final stage of the application process. Please note that the uploaded material will also be visible for the admission panels of the other CoPeCo institutions!


Auditions will take place in each of the four institutions. The auditions will be recorded, and if there are more successful applicants than study places the recordings will be evaluated by a joint international panel that will establish a final general ranking list for each category (composers, performers and composers/performers).

At the audition the panel will assess your artistic and technical skills, your stage presence and your interpersonal and interaction skills. You will be asked to present your work (20 minutes maximum): instrumental or vocal performance of a contemporary music programme of your choice (including your own pieces) and/or a presentation of the material you sent in your portfolio. Please bring your own accompanist if you need one.

The audition will also include an improvisation test (either individual or group improvisation) and an interview, where you may be asked to discuss your proposal for the Masters Degree Project (Independent Project).