June 10, 2020



During the whole duration of your studies you will pay tuition fees to your home institution according to its regulations, no matter where you are studying at the time.
Students registered at
EAMT Tallinn
KMH Stockholm
HfMT HamburgĀ (NB! All CoPeCo students are required to pay the enrollment fee of 330 EUR during the Hamburg semester!)


There are no full scholarships covering the CoPeCo studies but if possible, your home institution will allocate scholarships (e.g. Erasmus) to support your studies during the semesters abroad. Please note that the scholarships are not allocated automatically to the students accepted on the programme. As the scholarships are limited, we ask all accepted students to extensively search scholarships and consult international scholarship database sites.

Students registered at EAMT Tallinn / KMH Stockholm / CNSMD Lyon / HfMT Hamburg


NB! It is crucial to check the immigration process and requirements in each individual case as soon as possible, especially for the non-EU citizens who need a visa for the CoPeCo studies.

Estonia (students registered at EAMT Tallinn + 1 semester for the others)
Sweden (students registered at KMH Stockholm + 2 semester for the others)
France (students registered at CNSMD Lyon + 3 semester for the others)
Germany (students registered at HfMT Hamburg + 4 semester for the others)


Tallinn (1 semester) / Stockholm (2 semester) / Lyon (3 semester) / Hamburg (4 semester)


Estonia / Sweden / France / Germany