November 22, 2017

Why CoPeCo?

CoPeCo is for you if you are:

  • a musician (composer, performer or both) passionate about experimenting with new music
  • looking for the possibility to complete a large-scale individual artistic project in a supportive collaborative study environment
  • willing to work in a group
  • already experienced in and/or interested in developing yourself further in the following key areas:
    1. composer-performer collaboration
    2. cross-disciplinary collaboration
    3. new technologies
    4. improvisation
  • holding a Bachelors degree or equivalent in music or on your final year of undergraduate music studies

CoPeCo can offer you:

  • Freedom to conceive your artistic degree project and full support in its realisation, provided that the project can be delivered within the duration of your studies and remains within the framework of funds and facilities available to you in all participating institutions
  • The possibility to work on your individual artistic project in a supportive environment of group synergy, benefiting from open and collegial relations with your tutors and peers
  • The possibility to work on smaller-scale group projects with your peers
  • Individual tutoring to improve your music skills (vocal, instrumental, compositional and other)
  • The possibility to develop your artistic pursuits in different cultural contexts and benefit from the know-how of four higher education institutions
  • The competencies necessary to adjust to the challenges of the arts scene and lead a freelance career as well as work within the framework of established arts institutions