November 23, 2017

Key Courses

The Masters Degree Project (Independent Project) is the core component of the CoPeCo programme, around which all your work will be centred. Your MDP should incorporate most of the defining features of CoPeCo: independent artistic thinking, collaboration, cross-disciplinary interaction, artistic research, new technologies, improvisation and arts management and show how you have acquired a thorough understanding of contemporary music practices.

Your MDP will also demonstrate to which extent you have achieved the learning outcomes of the other courses on the programme.

CoPeCo gives you a unique opportunity to conduct your independent artistic research in a stimulating group environment. Each semester you will spend part of your time on developing collaborative projects. CoPeCo Lab allows you to experiment, work collaboratively and develop your degree project. The works in progress will be presented to the public where possible.

Several new technologies-related subjects taught on both theoretical and practical level play an important role in the curriculum to reflect their growing relevance to the arts world.

Group and individual improvisation courses will help you to develop creativity and inventiveness as well as encourage group synergy and spontaneity in thinking.