June 10, 2020

Insurance Germany

Once you have been accepted, you will need to submit, in addition to your application for enrollment, proof of health insurance coverage. Please contact the responsible health insurance agency for proper documents. State health insurance agencies provide the following information to all applicants:

• You are insured independently or through your parents’ health insurance policy (this document must also include the ref. no. of your insurance agency and your ref. no.).

• You are exempt from an insurance obligation, e.g. because you are insured through a private agency (all state agencies can issue a statement to this effect).

Please note that any type of health insurance which is not provided by a state agency must be reviewed by a state agency. If your policy provides sufficient coverage for the duration of your studies in Germany, the state agency can issue an exemption from the state coverage obligation.
Students who have the European health insurance card can submit a copy to prove that they are insured. Please inform yourself in good time about the extent and kind of medical services, billing practices and compensation involved should you require medical treatment in Germany.
The BeSI will provide further advice to all social topics, especially insurance and health care.
Please be aware that if you decide to take out private health insurance, you won’t be able to change to a public health provider later during your studies. Also make sure to take out an insurance that provides sufficient cover. Please find more information here.
You can also find here a comprehensive guide containing in depth information about health insurance in Germany for International students.