Home institution KMH, Lyon CNSMD, HfMT

Scholarships for students of all nationalities

Erasmus+ and Nordplus

Once you have been accepted on the CoPeCo programme at KMH, Lyon CNSMD or HfMT, you can apply for the Nordplus or Erasmus+ scholarships to help support your semester at EAMT. Please note that scholarships are not allocated automatically to students accepted on the CoPeCo programme and you will have to apply for one. Usually the application process goes through your home institution scholarship coordinator.
For more information on eligibility and application process, please refer to your home institution pages:
Home institution KMH
Home institution CNSMDL
Home institution HfMT

Estonian Government Scholarship Program for Applicants from the French Republic

If your home institution is Lyon CNSMD you will be able to apply for a scholarship to support your semester in Estonia. For more information please contact directly the Archimedes Foundation (SA Archimedes).

For more information, please contact the scholarship coordinator Ms Julia Duh

Scholarships for students of Estonian origin

Estonian National Culture Foundation (Eesti Rahvuskultuuri Fond)
Estonian Students Fund in USA (Eesti üliõpilaste toetusfond USA-s)
Estonian World Council (Ülemaailmne Eesti Kesknõukogu)