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Once you have been accepted on the CoPeCo programme at EAMT, KMH or Lyon CNSMD, you can apply for the Erasmus+ scholarships to help support your semester at HfMT. Please note that scholarships are not allocated automatically to students accepted on the CoPeCo programme and you will have to apply for one. Usually the application process goes through your home institution scholarship coordinator.
For more information on eligibility and the application process, please refer to your home institution pages:
Home institution EAMT
Home institution KMH
Home institution CNSMDL

More scholarships for foreigners studying at HfMT

Scholarships of the Ministry of Science and Research for excellent students and a completion scholarship for the last two semesters of a programme are available to CoPeCo students. Please apply to the international office at HfMT with a motivation letter with your name, field of study , grades, semester number, estimated completion date, address, telephone numbers, bank account, a signed declaration of your monthly income and expenses, a short CV and two letters of recommendation from faculty members or former teachers. Deadline for applications to both scholarships is 15 April (for the current summer semester) or 15 October (for the winter semester).
The Franco-German Office supports the mobility between France and Germany. The DAAD website has a large database of scholarships.

For information about the scholarships please contact Ms Katharina Strauer, international coordinator at HFMT

Scholarships for German citizens and long-term visa holders


For information about the Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz please visit this website or Studierendenwerk in Hamburg.