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Once you have been accepted on the CoPeCo programme at Lyon CNSMD you will be able to apply for several scholarships to support your studies during the three semesters abroad. Please note that scholarships are not allocated automatically to students accepted on the CoPeCo programme. For the scholarships listed below the application process takes place through the institutional coordinator. In some cases it might be necessary to start applying as soon as you have been accepted on the programme as deadlines can be quite early on in the year and the application process may take time. Please contact the programme administrator or the scholarship coordinators for more information regarding the application requirements and deadlines!

Scholarships for students of all nationalities

Housing support

All students registered at the Lyon CNSMD can benefit from housing support (national grant), irrespective their type of accommodation (private apartment, residency, co-location).
More information is available at www.caf.fr


The European programme Erasmus+ supports student mobility to the institutions with which CNSMDL has already an Erasmus+ agreement, including all the CoPeCo partners. Please note that Erasmus+ scholarship covers one academic year (two semesters) maximum and you can apply for one even if you have already received an Erasmus scholarship during your undergraduate studies. You will receive a monthly subsistence grant plus a travel grant. You will need to apply for the scholarship in the spring preceding your exchange.

To apply please contact Isabelle Replumaz, international coordinator at CNSMDL

Explora Sup

Explora Sup bursaries are provided by the Rhône-Alpes Regional Authority to support student mobility. They can be granted in addition to those from the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. For non-Erasmus exchanges they can be the main source of financial assistance and can also be granted in addition to other forms of financial support.
The bursary is calculated from the average sum of 95 EUR a week over a number of weeks. The final amount of the bursary depends on the total sum available and the length of the study period. For holders of French state bursaries a fixed travel bursary of 530 EUR is also available.
There is a limit to the number of applications CNSMDL can present to the regional allocation committee. Selected candidates will need to fill in the online application on the website of the Regional Authority. Access codes will be provided by CNSMDL.

Mécénat Musical Société Générale (MMSG) grants

These grants are intended for students finishing their studies, including those enrolled on a Master’s course. MMSG grants support international exchange programs outside ERASMUS, international competitions, special training courses, travel costs to attend auditions (orchestra, ensembles, etc.), professional projects (tours, media creation, educational projects, etc) and travel costs relating to research projects.
Application forms are available at the International Relations Office. Applications are sent to to the grant committee once a year. The amount of the grant is not fixed but depends on the project.

Nadia and Lili Boulanger Foundation

The grants of the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Foundation help students of any nationality to fund their studies in France.

Scholarships for studying in Germany

The Franco-German Office and the DAAD offer scholarships to support non-Erasmus students in Germany.

For information about the scholarships please contact Isabelle Replumaz, international coordinator at Lyon CNSMD

A more comprehensive list of scholarships can be found on the CNSMDL website. Some of the information listed there may be helpful in the CoPeCo context.

Scholarships for French citizens and long-term visa holders

Social grants

The French government provides social grants to French students and foreign students holding a 10-year visa. This grant is allocated through the CROUS (National System for Higher Education) according to national criteria.